Language and Speech Laboratory

Student’s Evaluation of Call Software Programmes

David Lasagabaster, Juan Manuel Sierra Plo.

Educational Media International      volume:2(3/4):293-304.

Although several studies have explored the attitudes of teachers and students towards CALL, there has been little research regarding students’ insights and impressions. We agree with Kessler and Plakans (2001: 15) when they state that in the process of evaluating materials “learners must be included, as they are also experts of their learning as well as the benefactors of well-developed materials”. With this in mind, we undertook a study in which students were given the opportunity to express their opinions about the software they used in the multimedia laboratory. The sample was made up of 59 undergraduates who completed a questionnaire. The conclusion to be drawn is that students clearly see software programmes as a complementary tool in the foreign language classroom.