Language and Speech Laboratory

Undergraduates’ beliefs about the role of language and team teaching in EMI courses at university

Aintzane Doiz, David Lasagabaster, Víctor Pavón.

Rassegna Italiana di Linguistica Applicata      volume:2/3 :111-127.

Students’ voices have been neglected in EMI (English-medium instruction) literature. In this paper we intend to explore students’ beliefs concerning four crucial areas: the EMI teacher as language teacher, team teaching, language assessment, and L1 use. To accomplish our objective, we analysed data obtained by means of focus groups with students from two Spanish universities. The results revealed that while EMI students were very positive about a team teaching approach, they believed that it is not the content teacher’s role to address language issues in class. There was no consensus as to whether language should be evaluated in the assessment of EMI courses, but they agreed that their mother tongue should be given limited space in EMI classes.