Language and Speech Laboratory

Agurtzane Azkarai

Dr. Azkarai obtained her PhD in 2013 within the program 'Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings' from the UPV/EHU under the direction of Prof. García Mayo, and was awarded the Outstanding Thesis Award for the Academic Year 2012/2013. She obtained a three-year post-doctoral fellowship from the Basque Government in 2014 and worked as a visiting post-doctoral researcher at Curtin University (Perth, Australia) with Prof. Rhonda Oliver. Her research interests include collaborative work and task-based interaction in ESL and EFL settings and in children and adults. Moreover, her research focuses on different factors such as age, gender and setting, that might affect the opportunities that language learners have to develop their target language. At the moment Dr. Azkarai teaches in the Department of English and German Studies at the UPV/EHU.

Research Interests

Applied Linguistics, Second/Foreign Language Acquisition, Interaction, Task-based Language Learning

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