Language and Speech Laboratory

EFL task-based interaction: Does task modality impact on language-related episodes?

María del Pilar García Mayo, Agurtzane Azkarai Garai.

Peer Interaction and Second Language Learning: Research Agenda and Pedagogical Implications

John Benjamins

M. Sato & S. Ballinger


Research on L2 interaction has shown that task modality (written vs. oral) influences language learning opportunities. However, most research has been carried out in ESL settings and few studies have investigated task modality differences in EFL contexts, where both quantity and quality of exposure to the target language differ considerably. In addition, most research has only focused on how task modality impacts on the incidence, nature and outcome of language related episodes (LREs), but has not considered the relationship between task modality and learners’ level of engagement. This chapter examines the impact of task modality on the LREs and level of engagement in the oral interaction of 44 Spanish-Basque EFL learners while completing four communicative tasks. The findings point to a significant impact of task modality on the incidence, nature and outcome of LREs but a minor impact on learners’ level of engagement.