Language and Speech Laboratory

El fenómeno migratorio y el aprendizaje del inglés como lengua extranjera

Amaia Ibarraran, David Lasagabaster, Juan Manuel Sierra Plo.

25 años de lingüística aplicada en España: hitos y retos / 25 Years of Applied Linguistics in Spain: Milestones and Challenges

Universidad de Murica

R. Monroy y Sánchez, A.


The presence of immigrant students is quite a new reality in some Spanish autonomous communities, the Basque Autonomous Community being a good case in point and, consequently, the study of local and immigrant students’ attitudes towards the foreign language has only been recently undertaken. Moreover, most of the few studies dealing with this issue have been based on a quantitative approach. The aim of this study is, thus, to analyse the attitudes that both local and immigrant students show towards the English language from a qualitative perspective. With this in mind, 125 students of Secondary Education were invited to express their attitudes towards the foreign language by means of an open question. The results showed a predominance of neutral and negative attitudes, especially among the local students, a fact that requires a deep thought by all those involved in the educational process.