Language and Speech Laboratory

Henri Eric Castleberry

Henri holds a BA in Spanish, a MA in Bilingual Education - English as a Second Language, he also holds a second MA in English as a Foreign Language in Secondary Schools. He´s a PhD student in the Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings programme under the supervision of Dr. Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe.

He taught ESL as a language instructor at Houston Baptist University, San Antonio College (Texas, USA) and the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. Henri has also worked in various  kindergarten, primary and high schools both in Europe and the United States.

Henri´s dissertation focuses on the use of English as medium of instruction within the kindergarten and primary classrooms in the Basque educational system. Part of the thesis examines translanguaging by young learners while in content classes taught in English.

Research Interests

Bilingualism and multilingualism

Young learner language attitudes

Instructed Foreign Language Acquisition