Language and Speech Laboratory

Juan Manuel Sierra Plo

Juan Manuel Sierra is Associate Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of the Basque Country (Spain), where he received his PhD with a thesis entitled A project-based programme in a university classroom: contributions to task-based syllabuses for English language teaching. This thesis incorporates his previous experience as a teacher and teacher trainer in secondary education and investigates the implementation of cooperative projects for the teaching of English in a university context. His teaching includes undergraduate courses in English Language and Methodology. He has also lectured on Syllabus Design and Language Teaching at the MA programme Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings with access to doctoral studies. He was a member of the Doctoral Commission of the Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings PhD programme, a doctoral programme accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education (Distinction of Excellence 2011-2014).

Research Interests

  • Language teaching methodology
  • Bilingualism and multilingualism
  • Language attitudes and motivation
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
  • Internationalisation in Higher Education
His recent publications have focused on: - Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).
His book Content and Foreign Language Integrated Learning: Contributions to Multilingualism in European Contexts, co-edited with Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe and Francisco Gallardo del Puerto, received the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics award in 2013.