Language and Speech Laboratory

Peter Levrai

I've been working in ELT since 1995 and have worked across Europe and Asia, from Ireland to Macau, Lithuania to Azerbaijan. I've taught in a range of different contexts from private language schools to corporate training and the university sphere. I have a strong interest in course development, obtaining my Masters in English Language Teaching & Material Development, and have two published coursebooks, English for the Energy Industries and Academic Presenting & Presentations. I also receive the British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Learner Resources in 2018 for the English for Academic Purposes course I co-wrote - Develop EAP: A Sustainable Academic English Skills Course. It was through the development of this course that my interest in collaborative learning began.

Research Interests

My interest is in collaborative learning, with a particular focus on the actual and perceived fairness of the assessment of a collaborative assignment. As collaborative assignments grow more prevalent on university courses it's important to examine student attitude to collaboration and how those assignments are assessed to ensure the individual can be seen within the group. My hope is that by developing a better understanding of how collaborative assignments can be and should be assessed will help overcome one of the main barriers to wider acceptance of collaborative assignments.