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Main features

MTRANS is a freely available tool for annotating multi-channel speech. The software provides visual and aural flexibility in presentation of information to aid in the transcription of multi-party conversations. Principal features:


At present, MTRANS is a MATLAB / Java hybrid application and requires both to be installed. In the near future we hope to provide compiled binaries -- contact us if you can help with this. In the medium term, we intend to migrate MTRANS into a pure Java application.

A pre-release version of MTRANS can be downloaded from here


  1. Download MTRANS from here
  2. Open matlab
  3. Unzip the installation file ( in a location of your choice
  4. Add MTRANS directory to matlab path using 'add with subfolders'
  5. Since MTRANS is a matlab/Java hybrid, it is also necessary to modify the classpath, which resides as the text file classpath.txt in matlab installation files. Type 'mtrans firstrun' in matlab console and follow the on-screen instructions to update your classpath. You will be prompted to restart matlab during this process.


A quick start documentation for MTRANS is available as a PDF document here

This paper (submitted) describes the design philosophy and functionality of MTRANS.


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Getting involved

We welcome suggestions for future features, notification of bugs, and contributions to the MTRANS project from committed developers. Please contact the MTRANS team.


MTRANS was initially developed as part of the EU-funded Future and Emerging Technologies Project The Listening Talker to aid transcription of conversations taking place with other conversations in the background. We thank Marco Piccolino-Boniforti (Linguistics, Cambridge) for useful input during the development of MTRANS.

Principal developers: Martin Cooke, Vincent Aubanel, Julián Villegas


Creative Commons License
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Last updated: 11th April 2011