Language and Speech Laboratory


Past events organised

We have also organised the following events since 1999:

  • 2012. International Workshop on Third Language Acquisition: A Focus on Cognitive Approaches. Vitoria, 24-25 May
  • 2011. International Seminar on Instructed Second Language Learning. Vitoria, 13 May
  • 2010. Multiple Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition. Vitoria, 13-14 May.
  • 2009. L2 Acquisition and Morphology Workshop, Marie Curie RTN Sound to Sense. Vitoria, 15-18 de septiembre.
  • 2009. Symposium on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Vitoria, 8-9 de mayo.
  • 2009. Jornadas de divulgación de Lingüística Aplicada: Reflexiones en torno a la lengua y su adquisición. Bilbao 9-10 de marzo.
  • 2009 . Workshop on Signal Processing, Experiment Design and Signal Manipulation, Marie Curie RTN Sound to Sense. Vitoria, 19-23 de enero.
  • 2004. The 14th European Second Language Acquisition (EUROSLA) conference. San Sebastián, 8-11 de septiembre.
  • 2001. Symposium on Language Awareness in the Foreign Language Classroom. Vitoria, 11-12 de mayo.
  • 2000. Curso de verano de la UPV/EHU/Curso Europeo The Age Factor in the Acquisition of a Foreign Language. San Sebastián, 10-12 de julio.
  • 1999. The VIII Conference of the International Association for the Study of Child Language. San Sebastián.